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For local Pompton Plains and Morris County, NJ people, Lyme Disease can be an unexpected reality. Also known as Lyme borreliosis, people get this disease from ticks carrying ‘borrelia bacteria.

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Not all ticks carry Lyme Disease, but they do actually bite in order to feed on the blood of birds or mammals, including humans. The disease is most common in the Midwest, the Northeast, and the Mid-Atlantic states and they are mostly found in super-grassy or wooded areas.

If diagnosed early, Lyme Disease can be easier to treat. With many people, the early symptoms will include a circular rash. Albeit, it is believed that 1 in 3 people will NOT get the rash. Lyme Disease can develop in anywhere from 3 to 30 days from the day of the bite. While some people get rashes on different parts of their body, the most common rash looks like a red bull’s-eye. It can have slightly raised edges and it is usually 15 cm (6 inches) across, but even the size can vary.

Common symptoms include fatigue, muscle or joint pain, headaches, fever, chills, and, in some cases, neck stiffness. In worse cases, more severe symptoms can develop. These may include joint pain or swelling, nerve issues (numbness or pain in limbs), concentration difficulty, memory loss, and/or heart problems. In the worst cases, particularly when this disease was not diagnosed and treated early, post-infectious Lyme disease can lead to long-term symptoms like ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’.

Dr. Mario Capio Can Help With Lyme Disease

With the help of an experienced Lyme disease doctor, one can diagnose whether or not Lyme Disease exists. Dr. Capio has significant experience with the condition and he will recommend the next steps necessary to deal with it.

About Dr. Mario Capio Family Practice Doctor | Pompton Plains NJDr. Mari Capio - Lyme Disease Doctor Pompton Plains Morris County NJ

Dr. Mario Capio, a resident family physician | family doctor, has been practicing family medicine for over 25 years. Dr. Capio is known for taking the time to listen to his patient’s medical needs. His clinical decision-making and diagnostic accuracy make him a Top Family Doctor. Dr. Capio graduated from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and completed his residency at Mountainside Hospital. He is also an Associate Professor at Rutgers Medical School and has been honored with the ‘Excellent in Teaching’ Award.

Dr. Capio’s medical practice is situated in Morris County, NJ- in lovely Pompton Plains, a Pequannock Township community.