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For many local Pompton Plains and Morris County, NJ people, the diabetes condition is an issue and so you may be looking for a diabetes doctor. Diabetes is related to high blood sugar or glucose, and it can effect people at any stage in life. We are certainly familiar with the diabetes condition and can help.

There are many types of diabetes, and it is believed that over ten percent of the US population have a form of this condition. It occurs when a person’s pancreas fails to produce enough insulin. That or when someone’s body fails to process the insulin correctly. Glucose is a source of energy that mostly comes from carbohydrates in the various foods we eat. Blood then carries glucose to the body’s cells for energy.

Once glucose is in the bloodstream, insulin distributes it in the body; however, when the pancreas fails to make enough insulin or the body just isn’t using it properly, then glucose can build up. It can then cause high blood sugar, or what is known as hyperglycemia. This can lead to health problems, including blurred vision, nerve damage, kidney failure, hearing loss, heart disease, and other potentially serious complications.

Dr. Mario Capio Can Help With Your Diabetes

With the help of an experienced local Pompton Plains, NJ diabetes medical doctor, one can diagnose whether or not the diabetes condition exists. It starts with a blood test to check glucose levels. If the condition does exist then it is a matter of setting up a process for carefully planned treatment and management.

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Dr. Mario Capio, a resident family physician | family doctor in Morris County, NJ has been practicing family medicine for over 25 years. Dr. Capio is known for taking the time to listen to his patient’s medical needs. His diagnostic accuracy and clinical decision-making are what makes him a Top Family Doctor in New Jersey. Dr. Capio graduated from Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and completed his residency at Mountainside Hospital. He is also an Associate Professor at Rutgers Medical School and received the ‘Excellent in Teaching’ Award.

Dr. Capio’s medical practice is in Morris County, NJ- in lovely Pompton Plains, a Pequannock Township community.